"10x009 - Mannequin Head"
Season 10, Experiment No. 279
Mannequin Head
Upload date: May 2, 2011
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Gabrielle
Experiment time: 6:66
Experiment Outcome: Bad Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Riley McIlwain (sidekick)

Ryan Lewis

Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #278: Carrot
Next Episode: #280: Acer tablet computer

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The upload date of this video was May 2, 2011. This was the same date the majority of the world found out Osama Bin Laden had been killed. In the annotations of this video, Jon let the viewers pretend the microwaved mannequin would be Bin Laden's head. However: the video being uploaded on the same date as Osama was killed was just coincidence. The gang had already scheduled for the mannequin head episode to air on May 2nd long before Osama died. It also worked out beautifully for the Osama joke, because the guys microwaved the mannequin head for 6:66.
  • In the season 7 teaser trailer, Jon put up a list of exciting items that would be microwaved in the upcoming season. Many of these items ended up not being used, because they were donations Jon was expecting people to send, but nobody ever ended up sending them. The mannequin head was one of these items.
  • Jon used the common spelling of "Gabrielle" in this episode, using two "L"s. This shows that Jon misspelled Gabrielle's name in the previous episode, rather than choosing to make a unique spelling with only one "L."
  • The guys took out Gabrielle's plate to prevent the mannequin head from turning, but it still did.
  • Jory "fed" one of the jars of baby food to the mannequin head.


  • Jory: It's a good head!

Riley: GREAT head! (to Jory) Want some?

  • Jory: Interesting fact- we just, uh, Photoshop [ourselves in when mannequin head is used for safety] or something. I throw out big words, like "JPEG"!
  • Jon: Oh, geez! I really hope it's not allergic to cancer, 'cause it's getting it right now!
  • Riley: Like in "Toy Story" (mimicking Woody) Sid, your bring mean with us Sid

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