"10x020 - Baby Diaper"
Season 10, Experiment No. 290
Upload date: June 8,2011
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Gina
Experiment time: 4:51
Experiment Outcome: Good Idea
Host(s): Riley McIlwain
Camera Guys(s): Jory Caron
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Jonathan Paula (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #289: Twilight Book and Highlighters
Next Episode: #291: Cigarettes


Trivia Edit

  • History repeats itself in this episode. Just like in #195 Riley McIlwain killed a microwave. This makes Riley McIlwain the biggest microwave killer in the microwave show, as in 2 out of 3 shows he hosted the microwave died (67%). Ironically this microwave once again died with Jonathan Paula as sidekick! While Jon doesn't kill as many microwaves as people tend to think, the reason Gina died WAS Jon's fault. Once again, as with Tracy, Jon talked everyone into letting the experiment be on fire for too long, which is what killed Gina. A clear clicking sound was heard right as Gina died.
  • There was no close up to the microwave in this experiment. Reason for this was because the guys forgot to turn on the microwave camera. This is because Jory was in charge of the camera for a change, and he didn't remember this duty, since it isn't something he normally has to do. Once Jon was back in charge of the camera, the close-up camera on the microwave was turned back on.
  • Riley was chosen to be the host for this episode since he is the only one on the show who has had a baby, and thus, the most experience with diapers.
  • When this intro was filmed on the season 10 live show, Jon said that he was going to have to blur out Riley wearing the diaper, in case anything private was showing from the diaper being so small.
  • Not only is this Riley's third Good Idea, it makes Riley the only person to have 100% percent good ideas in the entire time he ever got to host! Not a bad way to begin an acting career, huh, Riley?


  • Jon: Alright, just please, God, put your pants back on!
  • Jon: Didn't even pull my pants down for that!
  • Riley: That [fire] must be from the highlighter.

Jon: No way, dude! It's just magic diap-... It's my piss, dude, obviously!

  • Jon: Do you think Gina wore diapers when she was a little lady microwave?

Riley: (matter-of-factly) No.

  • Riley: I'm gonna say "good idea," beacuse it's finally good to show just, like, "Hey, I can f*ck sh*t up, too, alright?" And that's what I did today!

Jon: Literally and figuratively!

  • Jory: Why do you guys ALWAYS kill my microwaves?!

Jon: It's just my thing, dude!

Riley: I'll make it up to you tonight, Jory!

Jory: EVERY time!

Jon: It's what I like to do, alright? I come in here, I wreck your sh*t, and I leave!

Jory: Well, how 'bout I break your camera? How 'bout that?

Jon: DEAL with it!

  • Jory: Do that [intro] again, but can you pull up your diaper tape?

Riley: It only goes THIS far, Jory! There's only so much room between my taint--

[Jon, Jory, and Ryan laughing]

Riley: --and the diaper!


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