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"10x023 - Bra"
Season 10, Experiment No. 293
Upload date: June 20, 2011
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Shelley
Experiment time: 3:40
Experiment Outcome: Good Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Riley McIlwain (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #292: Listerine
Next Episode: #294: Bacon
  • When the experiment started, Jon told he hoped the bra would kill Shelley, because the guys can't really see inside of her anymore. Shelley did not die, however when the experiment ended the guys got rid of her anyway. With 3 experiments on her name, Shelley became the microwave with the shortest run before being retired early (apart from the special performance microwaves). It seems that part of the reason for retiring Shelley so early (other than her being too dirty to see out of) was so the guys could start with a brand-new, clean microwave to safely eat the bacon planned for the next experiment. Chances are that this was only considered because of Jon wanting to partake in eating the bacon. Jory and Riley have shown many times that they don't care about eating out of a microwave girl who is filthy.
  • The underwire bra was size 34 DD and had a leopard-print pattern.
  • 3:40 was chosen for the microwave time, to represent the size of the bra.
  • When wearing the bra for the intro, Riley stuffed it with bubble wrap. Jory proceeded in popping some of the bubble wrap in one of the outtakes.


  • Riley: Jon made me get these [fake boobs] to boost ratings.

Jory: Because, you know, studies have shown that big breasts will boost your ratings.

Jon: Hey! You'll do what I say, and you'll LIKE it!

Riley: It also boosts something else in Mr. Caron's pants, if you ask me!

  • Riley: Now, Shelley has some BIG knockers, doesn't she?

Jory: I don't think she has ANY knockers!

Jon: Well, she does now!

  • Jory: (about microwave time) There's only a minute left.

Riley: Jory, that's all you last is a minute!

  • Jon: (seeing burnt bra remains) It looks like a rat chewed through it!
  • Riley: He's your host, Jory Caron, also a pedophile and going to three years in prison! I'm your sidekick, Riley McIlwain, and I like big boobs!

Jon: So do I!

Jory: It was worth every minute of it! How long should I be in there for? Three to life? Sure!

  • Riley: We wanna make sure you can see ALL of inside of [Shelley]. Every single inch of her!

Jory: DEEP inside of her!


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