"2x015 - Bubble solution"
Season 2, Experiment No. 33
Upload date: November 1, 2007
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Diane
Experiment time: 2:30
Experiment Outcome: Stupid Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Ezra Horne (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #32: Glow sticks
Next Episode: #34: Tomato



  • This is the first "stupid idea."
  • This is also the first verdict that is neither "good" nor "bad."
  • Jory started out putting the bubble solution standing up. When that didn't do anything, he tried it on its side. Guess what happened? Still nothing...


  • Jon: This is awesome so far, but what will happen when it becomes NOT awesome? Stay tuned!
  • Jory: This is pretty much the stupidest sh*t I've ever seen!
  • Jory: Is it a good idea to microwave bubble solution? I mean, it really doesn't hurt, but there's really just no point. You're wasting electricity. This is worthless! It's doing nothing for me. I'm not even getting, like, joy out of spraying this onto the machine. This is pointless! Don't even buy bubble solution. Maybe if you're two, that would be fun!


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