This is the 2nd of the Pokemon-based Experiments. This one involved the microwaving of all 4 Pokemon Starters miniature figures: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu. A Poke-Ball was thrown in the experiment as well. The oven used was Jackie, GE Turnable Microwave.

When the oven started, Pikachu sparked almost immediately like the Pikachu Experiment they done in Season 5. The rest followed, Sparking and was on slight flame. And at the end of it, All of the toys but Squirtle, got softened and charred. Squirtle, being a "water-based" Pokemon, survived virtually unharmed, being unable to pull apart.


Jory says that it is a really good idea to microwave these figurines. They're fictional creatures, he elaborated, and might as well toss them in the microwave.

And what happened to Squirtle since he survived? Jory squirted it with Capri Sun after after microwaving 2 packets of Capri Sun.

Memorable Quotes:Edit

Jon: Charmander, Fire attacks! Squirtle, Water attacks, not working! Bulbasaur, do something!

Jory: I think Charmander is spontaneous combustion.


Jory: Poke-Ball. Poke-Failure.

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