"8x026 - Electric Fan"
Season 8, Experiment No. 239
Upload date: August 9, 2010
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Saint Margaret II
Experiment time: 4:00
Experiment Outcome: Good Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Riley McIlwain (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #238: Nintendo Wii
Next Episode: #240: Isopropyl alcohol

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, Margaret II's name officially changed to "St. Margaret II", due to her resurrection in the previous episode. Jon even referred to her as "St. Margaret II" in her name graphic and her retirement montage in episode 242.
  • Margaret II died and was resurrected yet again in this episode.
  • Jon said how Margaret II came back to life after the Wii only seconds before they were ready to throw her out. However: technically Margaret II probably didn't really die at all. She probably overheated, causing her thermostat to open. After a while it was cooled again, closing the circuit and allows power through again.
  • Jon noted that 4 minutes was an appropriate time to use for this experiment, since Bowler4Ever was the one who donated the fan.
  • The fan being microwaved was one of the few objects (that wasn't a doll or stuffed toy) to explicitly be stated to have a gender.


  • Jory: Let's find out! Here at the Jory Caron Laboratory 2.8, safety? No!
    Riley: Holy? Yes!
    Jory: Holy, yes! Absolutely!
    Riley: Miracles? Yes! Resurrections? Yes! Canonization? Yes!
    Jory: Possibly, yes! It's actually before the Pope right now, but saint! Don't tell anyone!
  • Riley: She [referring to the microwave] does actually still work, right?
    Jory: [thinking Riley is referring to the fan] No. she kind of worked, and then kind of didn't; then I ripped the cord out, and now she really doesn't.
    Jon: I think Riley was talking about St. Margaret the microwave.
    Jory: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yeah!
    Jon: The holy microwave able to come back from the brink!
    Jory: She actually works in mysterious ways, though.
  • Jory: Jory: That's TWO resurrections! How many did Jesus do, seriously?
    Riley: Jesus is a pussy.


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