"9x002 - Galileo Thermometer"
Season 9, Experiment No. 244
Upload date: November 1, 2010
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Marissa
Experiment time: 7:00
Experiment Outcome: Bad Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #243: Dry Ice Bomb
Next Episode: #245: Zhu Zhu Pets


The Galileo Thermometer was the second experiment to be microwaved in the new Lab and also had a consecutive explosion in the microwave, Marissa. With timer set to 7 minutes, this bad boy was loaded in the microwave.

Only the outer flask did burst and exploded but it didn't do anything else to the inner balls. Also, the microwave light as well turned off. So after this experiment, Marissa went "light"-less for the next one.


  • Marissa was plateless for her first two experiments. Never before has a microwave gone plateless from the start. Jory went inside and got her plate for the Zhu Zhu pets.
  • Jon's mom supposedly has a Galileo thermometer.
  • Jory smashed the blue Galileo ball. It is unknown what liquid it (or any of the other Galileo balls) contained.
  • The verdict for this episode was very reminiscent of the Newton's cradle's verdict in season 6. Not only were both bad ideas because it was destroying something "awesome," both objects were named after a famous scientist.
  • This is the second donated item by somebody with "Donut" in their user name, the first being DecoratedDonut's inhaler.
  • Jory claims that Kenmore microwaves are "good," but neither Kenmore girl lasted more than 4 experiments.
  • Marissa's light goes out near the end of the experiment. This was possibly because of the exploding dry ice bomb from previous experiment, which blew off the cover of the light and in the thermometer experiment the light itself got microwaved and eventually broke.
  • This is the least watched episode as of 11/5/10


  • Riley: Galileo, what year was he born?

Jon: I have no idea!

Jory: 1922?

Jon: But he believed in a sun-centric Solar System, and, for that reason, we should put it in there for 7 minutes.

Riley: For what? The 7 planets?

  • Jon: What is THIS? Please, let's discuss!

Jory: And then, suddenly, you have to wear a lab coat, and you're, like, "Well, things float at different densities!"

  • Riley: I'm Jory Caron.

Jory: I'm Riley McIlwain?

Riley: See you next time!
Jory: That's not what the shirt says!


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