Sometimes, a specific panel setting on one of the microwave girls is used for the experiment time (usually when a setting is related to the item being microwaved). But what times are those panel settings programmed for? While we can't always get an exact time, we can make an approximation for every setting used on the show. So, let's list them all~

  • Sealed popcorn: Unnamed's "popcorn" setting, ~ 3:00 (While we never see Unnamed's clock, Jon and Jory comment about how it's been around three minutes right before Unnamed beeps at the end.)
  • Spam: Lacey's "vegetable" setting, exactly 2:40; Lacey's "potato" setting, ~ 3:11
  • Blender: Tracy's "food" setting for "5," "ground meat," ~ 3:44
  • Paintballs: Jackie's "popcorn" setting, exactly 2:00
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass: Samantha's "Fish" setting, unknown time (Since "Fish" is in the clock/display and not a time, we never get a true estimate. But Samantha is microwaving from 1:51 to 2:34 in the video, which is 43 seconds.)
  • Capri Sun: Samantha's "Beverage" setting, unknown time (Similarly to the Big Mouth Billy Bass, Samantha's display only said "Bev" and not a time, but she microwaved on the "Beverage" setting from 1:53 to 2:21 in the video, which is 28 seconds.)
  • Jiffy Pop: Penny's "popcorn" setting, ~ 1:59
  • Drinking bird: Penny's "poultry" setting, ~ 7:24 (for 7 "chicken pieces")
  • Fake dog sh*t: Penny's "beverage" setting, ~ 3:28 (for "4 mugs")
  • Electronic cat: Penny's "meat" setting, ~ 2:44 (for default of "2.5 lbs")
  • Caterpillar: Zelda's 1/casserole setting, ~ 2:20 (eventually not used, taken 7:00 instead)
  • Rocket engines: Melissa's "food plate" setting, ~ 6:20
  • Spinning firework: Gladys's "baked potato" setting, ~ 7:07
  • Green spray paint: Erin's "baked potato" setting, ~ 8:58 (for pressing the setting twice)
  • Blowfish: Sarah's "fish/seafood" setting, ~ 2:22
  • Cold pack: Margaret II's "frozen vegetable" setting, ~ 2:37
  • Carrot: Gabrielle's "fresh vegetable" setting, ~ 2:40
  • Full bag of chips: Gabrielle's "potato" setting, ~ 5:58

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