Andrea was a microwave that was used in a fan video that was proven fake by Jory Caron. The makers of the video claimed that a box of wine led to Andrea's assumed explosion, but was assumed to be an explosive or firework. The name Andrea was coined by Jory in a video aired between episodes 197 and 198.

Andrea was technically never used on the actual show, and as a result is not included in the List of Microwaves.

A year after Jory proved it was fake on 1-19-10, they actually microwaved a box of wine on 12-30-10 for the New Year's special to show what would really happen.


  • Name: Andrea
  • Brand: (unknown)
  • First experiment: N/A
  • Last experiment: N/A
  • Total experiments: 0
  • Ultimate fate: Unknown (unofficial)


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