Ivanka was supposed to be microwaving, but she died right before microwaving. Khloé took over the microwaving. The guys hoped it would explode and shoot white goo everywhere. Instead it ripped. He pooped out the white goo. Not much else happened after. Khloé tore him a new one!! 


  • This episode celebrates Braniac Tuesday of Youtube's Geek Week.
  • The announcement of Microwave Archives was in this episode.
  • Khloé was named for Khloé Kardashian because "she's the size of a truck"
  • The stress ball's name was Mr. Fobby
  • This is the third time we see a microwave switch. The first time was the switch from Marissa to Cindy, which was shown in the last minutes of a live stream, the second time was the switch from Esmeralda to Penelope in the Flip Camera experiment.
  • Ivanka's death despite being bought new was seen as surprising until you realize that the model of microwave is the cheapest one commercially available, costing not much more than a used microwave on Craigslist, and proved to be cheaply made.

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