This time, a magic microphone was stuck inside Khloé . The spring inside sparked up a storm. The sparkage led to a fire. What was strange was that it was on fire through the inside. Soon the fire engulfed the microphone. Later it melted. After five minutes, the microphone was a melted mess.



  • First episode to be posted on the Microwave Archives Channel.
  • The guys refrenced WWE, American Idol, and the movie Magic Mike.
  • From August 2013 to May 2014, this was one of the most exclusive episodes in the show's history. It only showed up on the Jogwheel Productions channel IF you would subscribe to the Microwave Archives channel. However, there was another way to view it. On the sneak peek video on the Microwave Archives channel, there is a link that took you to this episode, without subscribing. On May 12, 2014, these methods became redundant, as this episode was released to the public.
  • This is the longest time between the airing of two episodes. Almost a year had passed between this episode's posting (the same day as the Stress Ball episode) and its official airing on the Jogwheel channel (before that it was unlisted).

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