Cindy was the twenty-seventh microwave used on the show. She is the first Sunbeam microwave to be used in the show. She is only a 700-watt-microwave, which was pretty crappy according to Jory, as Sandra, who clearly was on her last legs, still was 1200 watts! Cindy's plate spins very fast, and she is another zombie microwave like Jasmine. She also is the second microwave with red lights on her panel, after season 7's Candy.


Dead or Alive?Edit

In the time machine experiment, after she was shut off, her plate was still moving somehow. Nice touch, according to Jon. Of course, the plate isn't meant to move if the microwave door is open, but Cindy was a very weird (and creepy) exception. To Jory, Cindy was a zombie microwave, like Jasmine in the season 5 spray paint episode. The plate was rotating, even though Cindy may be dead or not... But how was the plate still moving?

Cindy was followed by Esmeralda.


While never proven on camera, Cindy likely died in the series finale.


  • Cindy is the first microwave to get an Undead Montage.
  • Both of the first two microwaves in season 9 (Marissa and Cindy) were neither "killed" (in the strictest sense), nor retired.
  • In the electric razors episode, she made it through most of the whole time, and her plate didn't spin when her door was opened. But weirdly in the time machine episode, it did. Sunbeams can be really unstable. It is known Sunbeams can suddenly catch fire and Cindy is not the only Sunbeam to continue spinning with electricity off. Who knows what will happen to any possible next Sunbeam?

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