Emily was the thirty-sixth microwave used on the show. She is the second Emerson microwave (after season 8's Saint Margaret II). Just like Cindy Emily has a sticker on her inside proclaiming her power. She is a 900-watt microwave.


Death Edit

Emily "died" overheated by the remains of the oil. She got the honor to microwave Justin Bieber. But while doing this, she suddenly died with 4:42 left on the clock.

Heather took over the microwaving. She was part of the microwave pyramid, lost her door, and had the interior toasted in the finale.

Trivia Edit

  • Her death has been proven. There was a sticker (next to the wattage) that said to never put bare grease or similar (Bacon and Oil) in the microwave. They could have been responsible about Emily's death. The sticker said such things would revoke a fire and/or pieces warranty. She might had overheated, or internal parts get on fire, and thus, she died, and had no warranty to back her up. If the guys didn't put bacon bare in the plate, or the can with oil into her she could have lasted until episode 299.
  • Emily is the twin sister of Jory's home microwave. In September 2011 Jory thought this microwave came alive. It appears mice were living under her.
  • Another reason of her death might have been the oil's heat, making Emily overheat.

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