Fire is a fundamental part of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?. Experiments have been catching on fire consistently since season 3. Most fires are able to be put out by Jory's gloved hand. Other times, a cup of water or (in the case of the red spray paint) snow have been used to put out fires. However, sometimes, the fire is too menacing, and the fire extinguisher must be used. The idea of using a fire extinguisher did not come about until season 5, where it was added as one of new sidekick Riley's tasks in episode #123 (in fear of the thermite's microwaved result). Ever since, the fire extinguisher has been the job of the sidekick, even when Riley switches roles and takes over as cameraman or host. Listed below is a list of all the episodes where the fire extinguisher was used:

The season where the fire extinguisher had to be used the most is season 7, with a total of five times. As for which microwave girl on which the fire extinguisher was used most, it is a four-way tie between Whoopi, Zelda, Melissa and Saint Margaret II, all with a total of two times. Beatrice, Jackie, Cinnamon, Sarah, Penelope, Gabrielle and Shelley got one fire extinguisher whoosh.

Technically, Jackie needed the fire extinguisher a total of three times. It's just that two of her times (toaster and video camera) were with a fire extinguisher that was out of juice, so the guys reverted to using another fire extinguishing method (cup of water for toaster, gloved hand for video camera). Similarly to Jackie, Gabrielle really had the need for the fire extinguisher twice, but the second time, for the Slap Chop, the fire extinguisher was empty and failed to put out the fire. You can see a still-glowing flame when the Slap Chop is taken out of Gabby.

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