All the seasons' first official "bad ideas" are listed below. Each category's experiment items are listed in the order of when they were microwaved, starting with the earliest experiment onward.&nbsp

Season 1Edit

  • Light bulb (Unnamed)

Season 2Edit

  • Light bulb/soy sauce/toothpaste (Diane)

Season 3Edit

  • Eggs/soap/lighter (Sandra)

Season 4Edit

  • Portable TV (Helga)

Season 5Edit

  • Jack-o-lantern with ping-pong balls (Vanessa)

Season 6Edit

  • X-Box 360 (Susan)

Season 7Edit

  • Glitter ball (Penny)

Note. The Really Bad Idea for Summer's Airbag is not counted.

Season 8Edit

  • PlayStation 3 (Sarah)

Season 9Edit

  • Galileo thermometer (Marissa)

Season 10Edit

  • Bottle of champagne (Rapunzel)

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