Gladys was the twentieth microwave ever used on the microwave show. She was the twin sister of Cinnamon, who was killed in episode 188. Gladys lasted only one experiment. She was the first microwave to be used and killed following the Microwave Show's move to HD.

Facts Edit

Death Edit

Gladys' first experiment was also her last. A spinning firework was placed in her to microwave. After several seconds the piece of fireworks suddenly ignited, causing an inferno in Gladys. The fire breached the door and destroyed the panel (at the end it was peeled off "like it's an onion").

She was the first microwave to get a funeral montage in HD, although it was not in full 1080p HD, but in 720p HD.


Here is some pictorial proof from Hypercoaster that Gladys and Cinnamon are, in fact, twin sisters.

First, a picture of Cinnamon's display:

Now, a picture of Gladys's display:

Note the duplicate colors/patterns on the time display and the identical buttons on the panel. Using a much larger picture of both Cinnamon and Gladys, Hypercoaster checked to ensure that every panel button was the same on both twins.

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