Gretchen is an unofficial microwave on the show. She was going to be the thirty-eighth microwave on the show and the first one post season 10. However: Jon decided not to edit the video, making her an unofficial microwave, as she isn't used in any of the regular experiments on the actual show.

Gretchen is Helga's and Olga's sister mentioned in episode #73. She is also the second microwave with a dial after season 10's Beth/Miss Havisham but unlike Beth Gretchen looks like a younger microwave. She looks as though she was made in the new millenium. And once again, Gretchen retired after the preformence.


  • Name. Gretchen
  • Brand. MicroFridge
  • First experiment. N/A
  • Last experiment. N/A
  • Total experiments. 0
  • Ultimate fate. Retired (unofficial)

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