Helga was the fourth microwave ever used on the microwave show. She was also the first (and currently the only) microwave which was carried over to the next season. It's unknown why Helga was carried over to a next season while the other microwaves which made it to the end of the season all got retired. She has currently the record of most bad ideas since 13 of her 15 experiments were bad ideas.


Retiring Injury Edit

Helga was badly injured to the point of retirement on episode 77. In this experiment, different types of fireworks (bees, snakes and a pyramid) were microwaved inside Helga. When the pyramid went off, she was badly injured with a painful scream like in Alien.

An outtake at the end of episode 78 shows Jon and Jory discovering that Helga could no longer be used. She had the bubble gum inside of her, but it didn't even get warm. Lacey was chosen to follow up Helga and she took over the experiment with the bubble gum. Apparently Helga's display and timer still worked, so they weren't sure something was wrong until the bubble gum failed to even melt. Helga was retired following this incident.


  • Of the longer-lasting microwaves, Helga has the lowest "Good Idea" percentage (13.3%).
  • Her funeral montage did not have a white glow in the corners.
  • Jory looks at this label: R-510CW and MARCH 1999 in episode #66. They peeled the labels in episode #77.
  • The microwave manufactures were Sharp from 1999, GE from 2001 (Gina) and 2002 (Jackie, Summer, Erin, Rapunzel, and Unnamed II), and Panasonic from 2003 (Whoopi)
  • Helga's sister lives in San Diego, California.