In episode #220, upon smelling the microwaved Marshmallow Fluff, Jory said that, if there were a scale, Mighty Putty would be on one end and Fluff would be on the other. Jon has the Rate-o-Matic for "Movie Night." So, let's make an odor scale! Jon and Jory desperately wish there were such a thing as Smell-o-Vision, and this is the closest way we can get to fulfilling that dream. On a scale of 1-10, with lower numbers being more pleasant smells:

1- Marshmallow Fluff
2- Bubble gum; Twinkie
3- Gobstoppers; Goop Cleaner
4- Pencil
5- Blowfish
6- 35 mm film; fart bombs
7- Miscellaneous electronics (CDs, TV remote, cell phone, etc.)
8- GameCube; batteries
9- Furby
10- Mighty Putty

Scale ExplanationEdit

  • A "1" is self-explanatory, based on Jory's idea. Fluff is the best thing you can smell. Instant dia-beet-us.
  • A "2" is something very pleasant but with a tinge of microwaved madness. The bubble gum was a nice smell but had an unfun consistency. Twinkies smelled like graham crackers AND a bad day at Grandma's.
  • A "3" is a normally pleasant smell that has been tainted by microwaving. Gobstoppers smelled like charred fruit. Goop Cleaner smelled like oranges but the type of orange you'd find at a dentist or in a stale orange juice container.
  • A "4" is an overall good smell but not one that a person would voluntarily want to smell. Jon said that the pencil shavings smelled nice. However, they weren't the best thing he ever smelled, just not certainly the worst.
  • A "5" is an unpleasant smell that is tolerable and not overly offensive. Blowfish is a good example of this, as fish is an unpleasant yet common smell in everyday society.
  • A "6" is a smell that elicited a bad reaction from Jon, Jory, and/or Riley but not enough that they had to wear their masks for a prolonged period of time. The 35 mm film and fart bombs are both examples of this.
  • A "7" is a smell that is vile enough to make the gang put their masks on for the whole time.
  • An "8" is a smell that is grotesque enough that evacuation from the lab may occur. The masks are not enough, and one will hold their breath.
  • A "9" is a smell that is so overpowering and disgusting that evacuation out of the lab will happen.
  • A "10" is Mighty Putty, the most repulsive smell that one can possibly imagine. Nothing can rid one of the memory.

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