Jasmine was the ninth microwave on the show. She made her debut in the second episode of the season 5 finale. Her original name was going to be "Lexi", but neither Jon nor Riley liked that name. So, Jon changed it to Jasmine (which is one of the few times Jon names a microwave), after whom Jory considers is the hottest Disney princess.



Like Whoopi, Jasmine also met her demise with the red spray paint can. Her death was the only time on the show where two microwaves were used (and killed) in the same experiment. Her ability to stay alive as long as she did, despite being on fire from the outside and melting inside, led Jory to believe that she was really a zombie microwave. She's officially considered dead because she had completely stopped working when the experiment ended, a true undead microwave is still working in a bizarre manner after the experiment, just like Cindy. Even though she was undead for awhile, her "head" was taken out, and as Jory said, a zombie isn't dead until the head is taken out. She woke up 3 times and then when most of the door melted she died , with fans believing it was blood

Her funeral montage was done with sped up music to indicate zombie status.

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