Khloé is the fourty-second (and current) microwave used on the show and the fifth official post-season 10 microwave. She is one of the largest and oldest microwaves on the show. She is named after Khloé Kardashian.



After Ivanka's sudden death before an experiment, Jory replaced her with Khloé. Jon added that this microwave might be the largest they had on the show (larger than Helga) . She successfully microwaved her first three experiments and will persumably return for future specials. Assuming she doesn't die in the same fashion as Ivanka, she is currently the longest-lasting microwave of the specials. In all three of her experiments thus far, she had a Bad Idea, the only microwave in the specials to have one.

Retirement Edit

Khole retired in episode 310, the last episode of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?, after microwaving Mannequin Head.


  • She was named after Khloé Kardashian because "she's a size of a truck".
  • She is the third and oldest Kenmore used on the show. The other Kenmores were Zelda and Marissa.
  • She is a smaller version of a model used on another microwave show. That microwave has survived over 80 experiments (and is still operating as of March 2015). That makes it the longest lasting microwave in any microwave show. Due to its survival, it's fairly likely that Khloe will be around for a long time.
  • However, the aforementioned microwave has had a busted light for over half of its run. Unlike that microwave, Marissa was swapped out when she still worked but her light didn't. Due to the Marissa incident, it's also fairly likely that if Khloe's light goes, she'll be swapped out, being declared retired.
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