Main OutcomesEdit

There are three main outcomes which are:

  • Good Idea
  • Stupid Idea
  • Bad Idea

Outcomes not ending in 'Idea'Edit

  • Box office Bomb
  • Yes, It Microwaves!
  • Push
  • Ha Bisky!
  • Sketchy


  • Redurple Idea
  • Sh*tty Idea
  • Holy Idea
  • Darn Good Idea
  • Great Idea
  • Awesome Idea
  • Awesome F*cking Idea
  • Good Idea (don't try this at home)
  • Unpatroic Idea
  • Really Bad Idea
  • Boring Idea
  • Star Spangled Bad Idea
  • Damn Fine Idea
  • Flush Idea
  • Goodish Idea
  • Ironic Idea

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