Principally the microwaves are used until they become unusable. The microwave Cindy turned out to be a zombie microwave. This is called an undeath. Cindy was a Sunbeam and for Sunbeam microwaves it's known they can do strange things like catching fire or rotating with power cut. Actually "zombie microwaves" doing these things are dead already, as it is not supposed to happen. Jasmine was a zombie microwave as well, but she was declared dead.

The current amount of official undead microwaves, is one.

Picture Name Brand First experiment Last experiment Experiments to undeath Notes about undeath
Cindy Cindy Sunbeam #246 - Electric Razors #247 - Time Machine 2 Her plate was spinning, even though the power was cut.

Montages Edit

The first (and only) undead montage was for Cindy. The music used for this montage was a jungle-type with lots of drums. The video itself had a black foreground.


  • For Candy it was possible she would appear undead too. On her brand Chefmate quite a number of microwaves spontanious write 66:66 on the display!

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