Marissa was the twenty-sixth microwave ever used on the show. She was the show's second Kenmore, after Zelda, but white colored (making them no twins). She is named after the girlfriend of a fan, Marisa with one "s". But accidentally Jory said Marisa with one "r", making her name Marissa.


  • Name: Marissa
  • Brand: Kenmore
  • First experiment: #243 - Dry ice bomb
  • Last experiment: #245 - ZhuZhu pets
  • Total experiments: 3
  • Ultimate fate: Dead (Functionally Retired)


Marissa was swapped out after her third experiment. This was because of her light which broke, but Marissa herself was still in working condition. The guys discussed if it should be called a retirement or a funeral. Jory came up with the idea to slowly fade her out. She was still fully functioning, but still had a funeral. Jory said Marissa was like a vegetable and they were pulling the plug on her. She was followed by Cindy.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name backwards is "ass I ram."
  • Both of the first two microwaves in season 9 (Marissa and Cindy) were neither "killed" (in the strictest sense), nor retired.
  • If the guys didn't "pull the plug" on Marissa in experiment #245, she may have lasted through the whole season. Cindy was declared undead because her turntable spun without her being plugged in. Esmeralda died most likely due to the fact that her panel was torn off and that she was "a little more seasoned." Penelope took over the rest of the season. If she did make it through the season, she would've had 28 experiments, which would've beaten Diane's record by 2 experiments.
  • Another microwave show disputes Marissa's "vegetable" status because two long running microwaves lacked a functioning light, as well as one which never had a working light. The illumination was improvised. However, this may have been due to complaints about visibility, and without illumination, visibility in Marissa would have been very poor, with possible improvement coming from the new light used in the JCML 3.1. 

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