Melissa was the nineteenth microwave used on the show, as well as being the first GoldStar microwave. She finished up the experiments undertook during the bulk of season 7 filming. (two other girls, Gladys and Erin, were chosen for the season 7 finale, which was filmed separately).



Melissa was retired after her 16th experiment, because she was too filthy to hold on to until the season 7 finale which was filmed six months later. She was the second girl to receive retirement music in her montage.


Here is some pictorial proof from Hypercoaster that the replacement plate used for Melissa after the bottle rockets episode is, in fact, Candy's old plate.

First, here is a picture of Candy's plate after the conclusion of its last experiment, Tickle-Me-Elmo (Candy went plateless in the Legos episode):

Now, here is a picture of Jory holding up Melissa's replacement plate, right after he selected it from the microwave graveyard:

Note the burn mark that is the same size and shape on both plates. Furthermore, it could not have been Summer's plate, since hers exploded with the microwave; it could not have been Penny's, since hers was filthy and jet black at its conclusion and a different style; and it could not have been Cinnamon's or Zelda's, since both of those girls' plates were caked with fire extinguisher residue at their conclusion.

Also, here is a picture from Hypercoaster of a close-up of Melissa's "presh vegetable" typo on her panel:

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