Channel HistoryEdit

  The Microwave Show Channel ( Also known as Microwave Archives ) is a channel launched by Jonathan Paula on Youtube. It was first launched on August 6, 2013. It's purpose is to re-upload EVERY episode of The Microwave Show in high quality video. It will also have original videos. It's first one was a sneak peek for the Magic Microphone episode.


  • All 300+ episodes will be posted weekly until all are uploaded.
  • The experiments are in a "Quickies" format. They exclude the openings, uses a short title sequence, and also when they put the item into the microwave.
  • The Microwave Archives went on a long hiatus after September 2013 following the Axe episode. It is unknown why but it's likely that it's an orphaned project much like the season 10 clip show.

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