• Restricted categories:
    • Any user who adds, attempts to add, or conspires to add restricted categories but is determined to be under the given age shall face a ban until they turn that age.
      • If they spam a restricted category, they shall face:
        • First time: 2 week block with talk page access
          • The first spam may not lead to a block, if you delete the spam within 30 minutes. In repeated spamming of this category a block is inevitable.
        • Second time: 2 month block
        • Third time: 2 year block
        • Fourth time: Permanent ban
        • If they spam to another wikia, they shall face a permanent ban from that wikia. After they have spammed to five wikias, they shall be globally banned with no appeal.
    • If it is an advisory category but it is 13 or 15 rating, the same policy applies. (If the rating is 13 then the account of the user shall be blocked for a terms of use violation (underage).)
    • If you have more than one rating icon, you shall face:
      • If the icons are the same:
        • First time: (15 * rating icons) day block
        • Second time: (6 * rating icons) month block
        • Third time: (5 * rating icons) year block
        • Fourth time: permanent ban.
      • Different icons:
        • First time: (30 * rating icons) day block
        • Second time: (Rating icons) year block
        • Third time: permanent ban.
  • If a user troll-rates a video (for example, G rating on a video filled with swear words), they will be automatically blocked for the rest of their lives (75 years minus the determined age of the user for men, 80 minus the determined age for women).

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