Olga is an unofficial microwave on the show. She was going to be the twenty-eighth microwave ever used on the microwave show. Olga is Helga's older sister mentioned in episode #73, was going to be used in season 9. However, her light was found to be broken, so she was scrapped. An intro to the unbagged popcorn was shot with her before her light defect was detected, and Jon hopes to re-christen a microwave "Olga" in season 10, with season 9 Olga's spirit. She appears to be the same model as Helga, but a different color.


  • Name: Olga
  • Brand: Sharp Carousel
  • First experiment: N/A
  • Last experiment: N/A
  • Total experiments: 0
  • Ultimate fate: Dead (unofficial)

InformationEdit Olga was found at a flea market by Hypercoaster, who sent Olga to the JCML 3.0. Olga had traveled all the way from Austria to find her long-lost love, Jory. Olga fell in love with Jory once she found out how well he had treated her sister Helga. Above is a picture of the original season 9 Olga in Hypercoaster's garage before she was sent to the guys.

Below is a picture of Olga at the JCML 3.0.

It is not known if season 10 will bring a reincarnated Olga. If it does, another picture will be added.

Special FootageEdit

There is a rare lost clip of Olga's introduction for the unbagged popcorn that Jon may eventually release for all viewers to see. If released, it will be the first time Jon shows an unedited clip. In the lost footage, we learn that Olga was to microwave 8 bags of popcorn for 8 minutes. Right after the microwaving began, it was clear that Olga's light was broken, so they nixed her and traded her in for Esmeralda. Olga's display also was broken, as seen here:


Quote from lost episode:

Jon: So, what's her name, Jory?

Jory: Her name is Olga. She's a big ol' bundle of joy! I think she's...

Riley: She's related to Helga, right? Her sister?

Jory: Yeah, and Gretchen, I think. We did a Gretchen, right?

Jon: No!

Jory: (laughing) I have NO f*ckin' idea! (singing) This dick has been all over the world! It's seen a lot of women!

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