Penelope was the twenty-ninth microwave ever used on the microwave show. She is named after Penelope Cruz and Jory said that he had already forgotten the previous microwave (Esmeralda)'s name because of how much he loved Penelope already, which prompted Jon to call Jory a "whore". Penelope was described by Jory as a 'top fan', as her extractor fan is located on her top. After experiment #254, part of her door began internally peeling. After experiment #256, it was peeling greatly.

Penelope before the lava lamp explosion.

Facts Edit

  • Name. Penelope
  • Brand. Panasonic
  • First experiment. #254 - Flip Camera
  • Last experiment. #270 - Bottle of Beer
  • Total experiments. 17
  • Ultimate fate. Retired
  • Other. All Panasonic microwaves and the brand name has a (Whoopi,Penny,Penelope,and Panasonic)

Career Edit

In the lava lamp episode, redone from season 3 in 1080p HD, the lava lamp had a bigger explosion, but she survived. During her run, many of her experiments caught fire and little else. Maybe she is like Saint Margaret II, or in this case, Margaret III. In the box of wine episode, she mysteriously beeped, and her light was turned on, even though she wasn't microwaving anything. In the fire alarm episode, her plate broke, but she was still working. In the duct tape episode her light was turned on once again, while she was neither open or microwaving stuff. In the Old Spice Body Wash episode, her interior was a mix from the inside of the lava lamp, the Old Spice Body Wash contents, and looked like Avatar puke. Poor Penelope is a trooper!

Retirement Edit

For season 10 Jon confirmed that they either will figure out a way to better clean the microwave girls, or they'll remember to retire them early. Penelope should have been retired early, as in the duct tape experiment the guys realized she was too dirty to see out of for a lot of her run.

After experiment 270 and a very tough career Penelope was given a long deserved retirement.

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