Rapunzel was the thirtieth microwave used on the show. She was Summer and Erin's identical triplet. She was donated by sidekick Riley McIlwain and one of the few which is not named by host Jory Caron. Jonathan Paula called her Rapunzel, "because it was the only microwave that Riley attempted to throw up in the building". She did not appear in the Airbag Revisit and Playlist Live Special. Instead, Beth and Felicia took her place.


  • Name. Rapunzel
  • Brand. GE Turntable
  • All experiments. #271, 272, 273, 276, 277(retired) & 288(dead)
  • Total experiments. 6
  • Ultimate fate. retired and dead

Death Edit

For season 10 Jon promised the guys would retire the microwaves early when they become too dark on their inside. After her fifth experiment with the easter bunny the guys realized Rapunzel was too dark, so as promised Rapunzel was retired and switched out. She was followed by Gabrielle. However, she returned after Gabrielle's death for Episode 288, in which she survived several bursts of fire like her quadruplet Erin but ultimately died. In episode 289 Gina took over the microwaving. Since she survived a very long time into the gasoline experiment, had she actually made it out of it alive, it's unknown what would have happened, but some guessed that she would have been used for the series finale in place of Shelley the smoker. However, It was also possible Rapunzel could've been used for Part 1 in place of Heather, who could have been retired after a mere two episodes, shorter than Shelley, who was retired after three experiments before getting killed in her fourth

Trivia Edit

  • Rapunzel is the first microwave to be both retired and killed. According to Jon she's dead. He literally said in the comments of the YouTube-video: She's dead. She was un-retired, to be killed. He also said: She should be listed twice, I think... one for each category. That's why Rapunzel is listed on both the retirement and funeral list on this wiki. However: her official fate is dead.
  • After Rapunzel, Shelley would be the next microwave to be both retired and killed.
  • Rapunzel is Erin's, Summer's, and Unknown's identical quadruplet. Out of these four, Rapunzel lasted the longest (5, then 6 compared to the others' 1 apiece)


Here is some pictorial proof from Hypercoaster that Summer, Erin, and Rapunzel are in fact identical triplets.

First, pictures of Summer's top and bottom panel:

Now, pictures of Erin's top and bottom panel:

Finally, pictures of Rapunzel's top and bottom panel:

Note the identical buttons on the panels. Hypercoaster checked to ensure that every panel button was the same on all three triplets. Rapunzel is also the only three of the triplets to be used for multiple experiments.

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