Here are some interesting rating systems. Do you know what they are?

System 1 (online) Edit

  • B: 1-4. There is no violence, language, sex, adult themes, or ideas children under 5 cannot comprehend. This rating is not used by, but it is available.
  • K: 5+. No violence, language, sex, or adult themes.
  • K+: 9+. No sex or adult themes. Contains some violence/language,
  • T: 13+. Some non-suggestive adult themes, violence, and language.
  • M: 16+. Adult themes, violence, and language.
  • MA: 18+. Graphic violence, strong language, and explicit sexual content. This rating isn't used by (it is available though).

System 2 Edit

  • A-I: all ages
  • A-II: 13 and up
  • A-III: 18 and up
  • L: limited adult audience; not suitable for most adults.
  • O: morally offensive; totally prohibited from viewing by any age.

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