Samantha was the thirteenth microwave used on the microwave show. She was the guys' first Samsung microwave and she was also the microwave which had the most non-"good" or "bad" ideas ever. Five of her eleven experiments were labeled neither "good" nor "bad." However, all but the silly string were variants of good and bad idea verdicts, with the silly string's "Boring Idea" being the only neutral/uncategorizeable verdict.

Facts Edit

Retirement Edit

After episode 166 Samantha got retired with the ending of season 6. However: Jon never made an official retirement montage for Samantha. YouTube-user Brawlover12 created one which can be found in the video responses under episode 166. She survived three explosive experiments (of which two were Fourth of July themed), the two-part finale and several fires.

Her retirement was officialy apprised in episode 167. In the same episode Samantha was followed by Summer.

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