was the third microwave ever used on the microwave show.  It's the first microwave which died while microwaving and also the first microwave which was already damaged when the team started to use her (Sandra had a damaged clock and often needed some pounds to start).


Death Edit

Sandra lost a fight with her Sharp Carousel predecessor Diane. Diane was retired after episode 44 of season 2, but made her comeback for a fight against Sandra. After hardly 30 seconds Sandra gave up and the guys concluded Diane broke the microwave after Sandra didn't microwave a CD. Jory actually was mad because yet again Diane had to be jealous and snobby and ruin Jory's relationship with Sandra. Sandra was followed by Helga.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 58 Jory thought about what Sharp stands for. He and Jon came with Super Happy Awesome Retarded Projectile machine. Directly after that they followed with Sandra Has A Really big Problem and that is backed up with the weird whining noises she made when microwaving Diane. It was as if Sandra was crying out in pain.
  • Eggs have been known to damage a microwave. Sandra started just fine in the debut episode, but after microwaving a dozen eggs, she needed a tap to start in almost every episode after.
  • For some reason , Sandra has a light on the Top , not on left , like most microwaves
  • Sandra is the only microwave to indicated her power on her panel

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