Sarah was the twenty-second microwave ever used on the microwave show. On her experiments there was a running gag, where Jory gave her another name and Jon always shalls her name is Sarah. Also: she had a dimmed light when she was bought, so that's why it was so dark on her experiments, which made her the second microwave which was already damaged when the guys started to use her (after Sandra). If you look closely, you can see her in the season 7 donations video.

Facts Edit

Alternate names Edit

Before Sarah came to the microwave show, she worked as an actress. Because of that she always appeared on the spot with another name. Only on her last episode she appeared as herself.

  • Episode 214. Shaniqua
  • Episode 215. Sahara
  • Episode 216. Sandra (possibly modeled after Sandra in season 3)
  • Episode 217. Shauna
  • Episode 218. Selia, Samantha (possibly modeled after Samantha in season 6)
  • Episode 219. Sindy
  • Episode 220. Seamus
  • Episode 221. No name (possibly modeled after the unnamed microwave in season 1)
  • Episode 222. Sarah

Death Edit

Experiment 222 was her last episode. In that episode Jory placed a grill brush in her to clean her dirty inside. This brush caught fire and Jory was afraid it would kill her. Jon however did not allow Jory to stop the experiment: "If the microwave dies, then so be it! Sarah's had a good life, and she would want to go down on Memorial Day like all of her veteran brothers!".

And she did die. 3:36 minutes before the experiment would technically end, Sarah gave her life. She became the first microwave to get a funeral montage in 1080p HD.

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