Season 10 is recorded at Jon's house.



Microwaves usedEdit


The microwave laboratory for season 10 was upgraded to the Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 3.5 with many changes for the season. The gang decided to re-enclose the lab with newer tarps due to some gripes of too dark an environment for the previous season. To do so, they needed some crossbars fixed to remake the makeshift tarps. And for that, the lab size eventually shrunk. The microwave will be directly facing the tin foil shield doors. Otherwise, everything else will be the same, with the majority of the equipment still retained like the giant fan which was dragged from the retired Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory II.

For episode 274, the crew were to microwave yet another Airbag. So because of their experience with the previous airbag which damaged the whole lab and nearly killed Jory, they conducted the experiement at a small open space just slightly away from the new Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory III. This yard was called The Jory Caron Field Of Destruction 2.0. And this space could be also viewed from the safe zone within the balcony of the New Laboratory. And for all outdoor experiments outside the lab no matter the location, for some added shock and awe, they always conduct them in broad daylight.

Episode 275 once again was in an alternative laboratory. This was the Playlist Live special and the laboratory where the pencils were microwaved, was called the Crystal Ballroom 1.0.

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