Season 8 is recorded at Jon's parent's backyard.



Microwaves usedEdit


For season 8, the crew crew finally repaired and rebuilt a new tin foil shield around the door and the shield is decorated with stickers and labels for their fire extinguisher and promoting their UStream Channel. A Sheet of ballistics acrylic has been installed to replace the first broken layer of glass. The lab was finally cleaned of all the debris caused by the airbag. The indoor version was upgraded from 2.6 to the Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2.8. A new feature was a new camera from the inside of the lab now faces the Tin Foil Shield directly to show what Jory and the rest are doing while waiting for the microwave to complete its job (Reverse POV). The masks Jory and the crew use have been updated to new gas masks.

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