The Season Clip Show is the last episode of every season of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?, except for the second. This episode is a compilation of highpoints from the past season, set to a piece of music.

The Clip Shows Edit

Season Music Upload Date Note Link
1 Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This Theme August 26, 2007 None. Season One Clip Show
3 The Year 1812, Festival Overture in E flat major May 29, 2008 None. Season Three Clip Show
4 The Ride of the Valkyrie October 04, 2008 None. Season Four Clip Show
5 Orpheus in the Underworld February 03, 2009 None. Season Five Clip Show
6 Stars and Stripes Forever July 30, 2009 None. Season Six Clip Show
7 Les Toreadors March 29, 2010 None. Season Seven Clip Show
8 William Tell Overture September 16, 2010 None. Season Eight Clip Show
9 The Marriage Of Figaro Overture March 31, 2011 None. Season Nine Clip Show

Season 2 Clip Show Edit

It's unknown why Jon didn't create a clip show for season 2. However, two days after the season 8 clip show came out, OentOent decided to create a clip show for season 2. The music piece he used, is Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance No. 1, performed by the famous Dutch violinist André Rieu and his orchestra. Season Two Clip Show

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