A Season Finale is the last experiment or pair of experiments to conclude a season of the microwave show. Since season 2 a relative spectacular item is placed inside of a microwave.

Season Parts Item Outcome Link
2 1 Quarter Stick Of Dynamite Bad Idea Season Two Finale
3 2 Batteries
Nickel Cadmium Battery
Bad Idea
Bad Idea
Season Three Finale - Part 1
Season Three Finale - Part 2
4 1 Mac Laptop Good Idea Season Four Finale
5 2 CO2 Canister
Spray Paint
Bad Idea
Good Idea
Season Five Finale - Part 1
Season Five Finale - Part 2
6 2 Silly String
Gigantic Mercury Vapor Light Bulb
Boring Idea
Good Idea
Season Six Finale - Part 1
Season Six Finale - Part 2
7 2 Spinning Firework
Full Can Of Spray Paint
Bad Idea
Good Idea
Season Seven Finale - Part 1
Season Seven Finale - Part 2
8 1 Gold & Bronze Bad Idea Season Eight Finale
9 1 Bottle Of Beer Bad Idea Season Nine Finale
10 2 Firework Mortar
Propane Tank
Bad Idea
Good Idea
Series Finale - Part 1
Series Finale - Part 2

Season One Finale Edit

Season 1 is the only season which did not have a finale experiment. The last experiment of the season, which was the moist towelette, was just presented as a regular experiment and the Season Clip Show, which came later, was presented as the finale.

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