A Season Premiere is the experiment which opens a season of the microwave show. Season 2 is the first season which has an official season premiere.

Season Item Outcome Link
2 Light bulb, toothpaste and soy sauce Bad Idea Season Two Premiere
3 Eggs, soap, and lighter Bad Idea Season Three Premiere
4 Portable TV Bad Idea Season Four Premiere
5 Jack O'Lantern and ping pong balls Bad Idea Season Five Premiere
6 Xbox 360 Bad Idea Season Six Premiere
7 Lexus Airbag Really Bad Idea Season Seven Premiere
8 PlayStation 3 Bad Idea Season Eight Premiere
9 Dry Ice Bomb Good Idea Season Nine Premiere
10 Bottle of Champagne Bad Idea Season Ten Premiere

Season One Premiere Edit

Season 1 is the only season which did not have a premiere experiment. The first experiment of the season, which was the light bulb, was just presented as a regular experiment. Also Jonny's Leftover Emporium was not considered the season 1 premiere.

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