was the thirty-fifth microwave used on the show. She was Gabrielle's twin sister. Viewers might have spotted her in the introduction sequence, where she is opened with a dark inside and remains of the cigarette box. She was the third GoldStar Intellowave Even Heat System in season 10 and also the fourth GoldStar microwave on the show (after season 7's Melissa and season 10's Beth/Miss Havisham and Gabrielle ).



On Shelley's third experiment a bra was microwaved. Jon hoped this would kill Shelley, because the guys couldn't really see inside of her well anymore. The bra did not kill Shelley, but at the end of this experiment the guys adjudged Shelley early retirement. With 3 experiments on her name, Shelley became the microwave with the shortest run before being retired early (apart from the special performance microwaves). Her job was taken over by Emily.

However: she returned for the Series Finale and she was completely slaughtered there.


Here is pictorial proof from Hypercoaster and OentOent that Shelley is indeed Gabby's identical twin.

This is the top half of Gabby's panel:

And this is the bottom half of Gabby's panel:

Now, here is Shelley's panel's top half:

And Shelley's panel's bottom half:

Note that all of the buttons on both Gabby's and Shelley's panels are exactly the same, right down to the types of foods on their top halves' settings.


  • Gabrielle and Shelley could be called the "Good Idea Sisters", as both of them hold a record of most good ideas, with Gabby being the most good ideas in a row and Shelley being the microwave which lived the longest without a single bad idea.
  • Shelley was also known as "Shelley the Smoker".
  • Discounting the convention microwaves, Shelley is the shortest-lived microwave to be retired early.

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