The seasons' shortest microwave times are listed below. Each category's experiment items are listed in the order of when they were microwaved, starting with the earliest experiment onward.

Season 1Edit

  • 17 seconds (match)

**Note: No official microwave time was ever announced for the match, but it was only microwaved inside Unnamed for 17 seconds. This can be said to be the match's microwave time.**

Season 2Edit

  • 1:00 (flashlight, hard drive, and banana)

**Note: Even though the dynamite experiment didn't have a microwave time due to the lack of electricity, it only took six seconds for the dynamite to explode when properly lit. So, dynamite could be considered the shortest time.**

Season 3Edit

  • 1:00 (wrist watch, TV remote)

Season 4Edit

  • 1:11 (LCD clock)

Season 5Edit

  • 1:21 (spark plug)

Season 6Edit

  • 37 seconds (Slinky)

Season 7Edit

  • 2:00 (pipe cleaners)

Season 8Edit

  • 69 seconds (VidCon light bulbs)

Season 9Edit

  • 3:00 (orange, tampons, Christmas tree, hourglass)

Season 10Edit

  • 2:00 (cigarettes)

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