There have been several Sidekicks that have helped out the microwaving process over the years. Zack Schiffman was the sidekick for season 1,Ezra Horne was the sidekick for season 2 and Ryan lewis was the sidekick for teh first half of season 3. The second half of season 3 and all of season 4 had no sidekick it was only Jory and Jon for Season 4. Riley Mcllwain joined as sidekick for season 5 and has been sidekick ever since then. The first 3 sidekicks had a small part and were rarely seen/heard (the only times they were seen was when the camera moves past their faces) although Riley has been a rather helpful sidekick that is seen and heard just as much as Jory Caron(well almost). Riley may have a bigger role then previous sidekicks because they wanted a change in the show but no information has been given for why Riley has a bigger role.

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