Overview Edit

The Bonus season began on December 21, 2011, with a Christmas special, and has continued since, with the most recent episode airing August 15, 2015, a generic special where Khloé microwaves a mannequin.

Microwaves Edit

Regular Edit

Rhianna - Died after 1 episode (#301)

Ivanka - Died after 3 episodes (#302, 304 & 305)

Khloé - 3 episodes and counting (#307-present, sans #309)

Live Events Edit

All microwaves listed here were retired unless stated otherwise.

Gretchen - VidCon 2011 (unreleased, was to be #301)

Phyllis - Playlist Live 2012 (#303)

Unknown - Playlist Live 2013 (#306)

Eileen - Playlist Live 2014 (#309)

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