Susan was the tenth microwave ever used on the show. She first appeared in episode 134, which was the season 6 premiere. Susan is also the name of Riley's mother. It was Susan who was first to see the magic of the JCML 2.5. She also was Unnamed's identical twin sister.



Susan met her demise from the X-Box 360, her first experiment. She was the second microwave to die in only one episode. The boys didn't know about Susan's death until episode 135 , when Jory went to enter a time on Susan for the Hannah Montana pen. He discovered that her display was dead when he entered in the numbers, and thus, Susan's death was discovered.


Here is some pictorial proof from Hypercoaster that Unnamed and Susan are, in fact, twin sisters.

First, pictures of Unnamed's top and bottom panel:

Now, pictures of Susan's top and bottom panel:

Note the identical buttons on the panels. Hypercoaster checked to ensure that every panel button was the same on both twins.


  • Susan is Unnamed's twin.
  • She is the first microwave to die in the next expirement. The next two were Esmeralda and Ivanka.

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