The ten shortest episodes are listed below. Each category's experiment items are listed in the order of when they were microwaved, starting with the earliest experiment onward.

1. Match (1:32), officially the shortest episode in the microwave show's history

2. 400-watt sodium bulb (1:40)

3. Pop-Tart (2:23)

4. Harry Potter figurine and candles (2:23)

**Note: Even though both the Pop-Tart and the Harry Potter episodes are the same length, the Pop-Tart episode had an intro and a full-length title sequence. Harry Potter was part of season 9, the one season without intros and a season with a short title sequence. This means that the Pop-Tart episode had two extra segment to it and still ended up not being longer than the Harry Potter episode without an intro. There are 116 seconds of content in the Pop-Tarts episode versus 122 seconds of content in the Harry Potter episode.**

5. Tin foil (2;33)

6. Nintendo DS (2:37)

7. Flashlight (2:42)

8. Ketchup packets (2:44)

9. Liquid air freshener (2:44)

**Note: Even though both the ketchup packets and the liquid air freshener episodes are the same length, the liquid air freshener episode, being from season 4, had a short title sequence and an outtakes segment. Therefore, the liquid air freshener episode had more seconds of content, whereas the ketchup packets episode had a big chunk of its time devoted to the title sequence. There are 137 seconds of content in the ketchup packets episode versus 151 seconds of content in the Liquid air freshener episode.**

10. Bubble wrap (2:45)

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