Unknown ( Microwave )Edit

Unknown is the forty-first microwave on the show. She, like PhyllisFelicia, and Justine before her, performed at a live event. This time, it was the Third Annual Playlist Live Youtube convention. It was filmed at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida



Brand - G.E. Turntable

First Experiment - # 306 Potato Chips and Matchbox at Playlist Live

Last experiment - # 306 Potato Chips and Matchbox at Playlist Live

Total Experiments - 1

Ultimate Fate - Retired


 Not much is known, except that she was a G.E. Turntable. She is suspected to be a quadruplet to SummerErin, and Rapunzel. Jory also forgot to name her. That is why she is called "Unknown". She is also the second Unnamed microvave. 


 After the Playlist live performance in Orlando Florida, she was gotten rid of. When thrown away, she was still operable.


  • She is a quadruplet to Erin, Summer and Rapunzel, and the only one of the four to be retired early. It should be noted, however, that Rapunzel was retired before her death.
  • She is the second Unnamed microwave 

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