(unnamed microwave)
Brand: Sharp Carousel
First Experiment: #1 - Light Bulb
Last Experiment: #18 - Moist Towlette
Total Experiments: 18
Ultimate fate: Retired (Years active 2007)
Preceded by: (none)
Succeeded by: Diane

The first microwave was used for the entirety of the first season. After the twizzlers experiment, Jory said that she may never be used again, although later on a microwave in that condition would be seen as almost new. She was retired after the eighteenth experiment with the ending season. Unnamed was Susan's identical twin sister. She was the only microwave to be started entirely with the remote arm (Diane was initially started with the remote arm, but that was phased out early).

Retirement Edit

The first season ended after episode 18 and with that, her job ended as well. At the end of its career this microwave was kind of broken. It was said to be pretty much done after the moise towelettes episodes. She was thrown out, sealed up and never opened again. However, microwaves early on weren't pushed as far as they would be later on, so they may have meant by "broken" that she became like Sandra, needing an encouragement tap to start (and as we all know, Sandra lasted most of a season in that condition microwaving more dangerous items). Or perhaps like Sarah with a busted light, or like Saint Margaret II, temporarily broken but turning back on, so, based on her apparent condition at the end, she may have had enough power to last through season 2 as well.

In the next season this microwave was followed by Diane.

Famous Quotes During CareerEdit

  • "Lets Get Out Of Here!
  • "Stopping, stopping!"
  • "Son of a b*tch!"
  • "Ventilation is Key!"
  • "Nobody Likes Roasted Nuts!"


  • The first microwave on "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?" didn't have a name, but Jon told if he would gave her a name, it would've been Betsy. Jory however had another opinion. He would never gave her a name, because he likes her the way she is.
  • The only other unnamed microwave is Unknown fron Episode 306.

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