Whoopi was the eighth microwave ever used on the microwave show. She was named Whoopi because of her lack of eyebrows/resemblance to comedienne Whoopi Goldberg. She was the first Panasonic microwave the guys used.



In episode 133 Whoopi died. Her safety feature turned her off when she got too hot. This happened before in season 5 in the thermite episode. Riley started her up again, because the experiment was not finished yet. However: the microwave kept turning off. Whoopi was declared dead and the guys switched to a differerent microwave: Jasmine.

However, if she WASN'T declared dead, she could have become the second microwave to be carried into the next season, after Helga. However, like Helga, her fate would be early in her second season, as Susan's Xbox had deadly flames, and both of Beatrice's experiments had deadly results, which could have easily killed Whoopi.

However, Whoopi could have also been used in replacement of Beatrice on the LiPo experiment, which would extend Beatrice's life by 19 experiments, 

Famous Quotes During CareerEdit

  • I dont trust this b*tch!
  • Whoopi!
  • Whoopi likes strap-ons.

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