Zelda was the eighteenth microwave ever used on the microwave show. This microwave is the first Kenmore microwave and also the first microwave which was neither white or black colored: it's red. She was one of the few microwave which was not named by Jory Caron. She was named by Geoffrey Jones, the guy who donated her. She is also a close cousin of Marissa , being the same model, but a different color (white). In the bloopers, Jory names the microwave Rose before Jon corrects him saying it's Zelda and Jory says "aw, f*ck me."



In episode 195 the microwave star was killed in action while microwaving a small TV. This episode was the first episode Riley McIlwain hosted. There was smoke and eventually fire in the TV. When the flames came out of the TV, they killed Zelda in just a couple of seconds. The guys were too late to save her.

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